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Single "Shadow Of Death" - Out Now!

When you feel like you're low, what do you do? Do you cry out for help? Do you sit in the shadows and learn how to adapt to the darkness because you believe you're not worthy of being pulled out? "Shadow of Death" is a song that expresses the craziness of feeling like there's a second version of yourself; a darker version that terrifies you. It expresses the fear and pain of being stuck in a place where you're begging for help, but you're there all alone. This song symbolizes getting rid of the fear that drags you down, and running so far away, that you never have to be in that place again. This song is heavy, hard-hitting, and relatable to many people in this world. We hope this song becomes one where someone can look back on a point in their life that was terrible, and stand strong knowing they came out of that place.

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